GdS – Skriniar: “Do we play badly? Just look at the points”

Skriniar has been interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport Only two days to the derby Inter – Milan and Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed the “revelation” player of Nerazzurri: Skriniar. These are his words before the match on Sunday. On Sunday you will play your first derby of Milan after winning the two played in Genova with Sampdoria the last year: how are you preparing?“I’m thinking about Milan after I ended the match against Malta with Slovakia. I’m already focused since days, it is a big match for us and for the supporters.” The team of Montella has gained three defeats: is it crisis?“Milan is not in crisis, you do not have to trust on last results. They have great players and everyone is used to getting out of these situations.” Is there a results on which you would sign anyway?“We have to win also this match because it is part of our growth path. On Sunday it exists only the win.” Only in Bologna you have slowed down, but the good game is not seen“But it is important to have won six matches on seven. Even if someone says that we do not play good, we took home heavy results and we can serenely work to improve.” How much could the Nationals break affected the preparations?“Everyone felt the necessity to return to Milan as soon as possible to train ourselves the better. In this way we could work on the details.” Can you say that you point the victory of the Serie A this year?“Maybe our strength really stays in the not-thinking about the final victory. We reason match after match. In the end we will see what we gained.” L’articolo GdS – Skriniar: “Do we play badly? Just look at the points” sembra essere il primo su Mondo Inter. Giulia Bui
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