Inter – Milan: it is already a derby of the records. Cashed over…

Collection records for Inter-Milan For the derby of Sunday evening between Inter and Milan is expected the sold out. This is the match of the records, now also for the collection.“The collection record for the Serie A – highlights the Corriere dello Sport – was already certain since two weeks, but the derby of Sunday will approach in… a dangerous way the absolute primacy for a football match in Italy that are the 4,7 millions counted by Rossoneri for the match of Champions League with Barcelona in the March 2012. Inter-Milan is destined to enter in the history, regardless from the result between the line-up of Spalletti and the one of Montella.” This match is not new to the records. In fact, also the last year for the derby of return at 12:30 the amount reached 4 million and 204 thousands of euros. L’articolo Inter – Milan: it is already a derby of the records. Cashed over… sembra essere il primo su Mondo Inter. Giulia Bui
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