Gabigol-Inter Commission Fee Emerges From Bertolucci To Ribeiro

Gabriel Barbosa’s agent, Wagner Ribeiro, is thought to have received a commission fee in the region of €300,000 via his wife’s business as part of the Gabigol transfer to Inter in the summer of 2016. This was by means of a debt contracted with Cecilia Viagens, a service company linked to the Brazilian forwards’ former club Santos.

According to Brazilian newspaper, Diario de Sao Paolo, the payment was made by Giuliano Bertolucci. The document that the newspaper managed to view is dated December 2016 and is addressed to the owner of the business, Cecilia Lucchesi. It goes on to say that the wife of Wagner Ribeiro ensures that the debt of his agency, the Good Luck, will be guaranteed by Bertolucci. However the causality of the ‘kindness’ of the agent is not specified.

Those directly involved have not wanted to speak on the matter, but somebody close to Bertolucci has confirmed that the payment is part of a commission due to the players’ agent for the sale of the Benfica player and that the use of his wife and the use of liquid moneys was part of the needs.

All this while Santos have confirmed via an official letter that they do use the agency’s services but are unaware of the facts mentioned.

Gabigol-Inter Commission Fee Emerges From Bertolucci To Ribeiro

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