Bereszynski Agent Unsure On His Client’s Future

Sampdoria’s Polish defender Bartosz Bereszynski is thought to be on the radar of both Inter and Roma in this January transfer window. The Polish player has had a solid first half of the season and with the position of centre back being in high demand at the moment the bigger clubs look to capture promising talents before their price becomes overly inflamed.

In an interview with he players agent, Szymon Pacanowski has tried to clear up a few things regarding the rumours about Roma and Inter: “at the moment the player is happy at Sampdoria. Bartosz is preparing with the rest of the team for our next game. I have read some stories in the newspapers lately but I have nothing to say about this. I don’t know what will happen in the summer after the FIFA World Cup in Russia. He is a great lad and a very good player. We will see but I honestly have no idea what will happen right now.”

Bereszynski Agent Unsure On His Client’s Future

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