Correa Could Be An Ideal Signing For Inter & Spalletti

Tuttosport is reporting that Joaquin Correa could be an ideal signing for Inter and manager Luciano Spalletti. His change of pace, acceleration and close dribbling skills are the exact characteristics that Spalletti likes to see in a player. These are all qualities that at the moment are lacking in his current group of players.

The Turin based sports paper goes on to say: “Seville cannot completely abandon their plans to make a move for Deulofeu (Napoli considering of course). But with Seville looking at the Barcelona forward it may open a door for Inter to make a move on Correa. With the potential signing of Deulofeu, the blow of losing Correa would be softened for Seville. Inter know that they could pounce on the rebound of the Deulofeu deal and strike a deal that favours both teams. For this to happen though, we would have to wait until the last week of the transfer window. This is why both teams are remaining patient for the time being.”

Correa Could Be An Ideal Signing For Inter & Spalletti

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