Dimarco: “I Never Wanted My First Goal To Come Against The Team In My Heart”

After having scored his first goal against the team who he is currently under contract with and where he grew up footballing wise, Federico Dimarco took to his official Instagram to share his thoughts on the events of the day.

The former inter youth team player posted the photo below together with the caption: “My celebration was the felling of liberation after these difficult past few years. I never wanted that my first goal should come against the team in my heart but football is also like this. I am sorry for the fans that felt offended but it is not like that. I want to ask you not to offend, and now that my daughter is being born! An unforgettable day! Very happy for the 3 points! Forwards like this Parma!”

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L’ esultanza è stata la liberazione di questi ultimi anni difficili. Non avrei mai voluto che questo primo goal fosse stato contro la mia squadra del cuore… ma il calcio è anche questo. Mi dispiace per i tifosi che si sono sentiti offesi, ma non è cosi. Volevo chiedervi di non offendere…. nonchè adesso che sta per arrivare mia figlia! Una giornata indimenticabile ! Molto contento per i 3 punti ! Avanti cosi Crociati ➕💛💙 @parmacalcio1913

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