Garlando: “Brozovic Not A Regista, Icardi Embarrassing & Spalletti Failing To Motivate”

Luigi Garlando with the Gazzetta dello Sport analyzes Inter’s current situation and discusses the game against Parma and the lack of quality that Inter have been producing.

“The anti-Juventus of August has already lost the Scudetto in mid-September, because it will be very difficult to recoup 8 points to catch up to Juventus if they beat Sassuolo today. How can Inter catch up at all when they’ve only managed to collect 4 points in 4 games this season? And on Tuesday Inter will face Tottenham who have tons of quality. They will be facing Erisken and Kane, not Di Gaudio and Inglese! The fans were talking about replacing Spalletti with Conte after the game, but before discussing Spalletti, first we want to discuss Modric and the midfield. Modric did not arrive, and neither did another regista or a high quality mezzala. On August 10th we wrote “Modric is not the icing, he is the cake” and these games really show it. For the Croatian national team, Brozovic is just a waiter for Modric and Rakitic, but for Inter he is the head chef.”

“What are Spalletti’s faults? Well firstly, if you do not have a regista, do not use a formation or tactic that requires one, instead of leaving everything in Brozovic’s hands. During Euro 2016, Conte defeated Belgium with Parolo and Giaccherini in midfield, not Modric and Rakitic. Spalletti is still incapable of making the best out of what he has, his team is still just a bunch of individuals. Secondly, Inter today seemed less brilliant than their competition and have already suffered many muscle injuries. Are all the preparations in training going well? Icardi’s time on the pitch was embarrassing, he played with his arms right next to his body, he was almost always standing still and waiting for the ball, he seemed bored and annoyed. What is the relationship between Spalletti and the locker room? How much can he motivate the team?”

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