Inter’s Brozovic Gets Hammered In Italian Media After Parma Defeat

In today’s paper edition of Milano based newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the ratings of Inter’s performance from last night point out Inter midfielder and Croatian international Marcelo Brozovic, as being particularly at fault for the loss against Parma.

The result of the game was a bit compromised by the performance of the referee Manganiello but Brozovic is heavily criticized by the Gazzetta who give him a rating of 4 on a scale of 1-10 writing that: “When he fails to deliver the final pass of his unfortunate game against Parma, a whistle storm breaks out, a whistle storm so loud it could have broken the second level of the Giuseppe Meazza stadium. And everything starts from him, he has a responsibility that is not proportional to his talent and consistency. The great finish of last season is gone and people have to realize that, although Marcelo is a good artist, he can not paint the Sistine Chapel by himself.”

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