Italian Media Blast Refereeing Mistakes In Inter Vs Parma

Milano based sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport accuses the referees of yesterday’s game between Inter and Parma of two incredible as well as decisive errors, both errors involving Federico Dimarco.

First the handball on Perisic’s shot at the beginning of the second half and then the 0-1 goal that decided the game: “This time there is no doubt, the error is clear and the protocol for these kind of situations was not followed, the result of Inter vs Parma is a false one. Then we have Fazio’s push on Iago Falque Torino vs Roma and Magnanelli’s tackle on Asamoah in Sassuolo vs Inter, and this was the first match where both Torino and Inter lost the games. Both doubtful episodes, but not clearly mistakes, there is a protocol for these kind of situations and that is why it is strange that Manganiello did not stop the game in order to get in touch with the VAR expert Gianluca Rocchi.

“And after a few seconds while everyone could see the replays of the situation, it became clear that the referee should have made the famous VAR sign instead of resume the game. But how come there was no reaction from Rocchi? Why did not he suggest to the referee to stop the game and go out to the sideline to see the replay of the situation? This is the mistake that even the top management admits to have made. Not having granted Inter the penalty is one thing, that is an opinion, but not even checking the situation is a violation of the protocol. Of course this is a question of whom to blame, Rocchi or his assistant Liberti. But Manganiello has the main responsibility, because the referees in front of the TV’s can only suggest and the referee on the pitch has the final decision. So, the protocol is the same as last year but in this league the way to use it seems less uniform. Is it a reaction to how VAR was used in the World Cup? We hope not, because if this is the case the Italian championship is having a problem.”

However it does not stop there, even the decisive goal should have been disallowed according to the Gazzetta: “Ironically, the same player behind the penalty situation scores a great goal, but was there not an offside on a Parma player who was blocking the Handanovic’s view? Why not use VAR who evidently does not report anything? The Inter keeper is furious after the game, we are a bit doubtful.”

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