Bonolis: “Inter Are Strong, Athletic & Dynamic”

Italian comedian and known Inter fan Paolo Bonolis spoke with Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia ahead of the Milan Derby next Sunday.

“It is a match between two teams that have put themselves in good position to compete with each other in this league season. There is a race for the fourth place, which is just as good as the race for third or for second, with four to five teams in contention to finish in the top four. It will be a nice derby and I hope the two teams have strengthened. The clubs are finally healthy with thanks to the ownership’s of Suning and Elliott.”

Bonolis spoke on Milan’s summer transfer window and the two managers of the clubs.

“Milan have made excellent purchases and they are playing very well. Gattuso is managing the situation well. I like Spalletti like crazy. The team is there although they have missed out upon a couple points.

“Spalletti has a technical, physical and also psychological duty towards the team. He has to create the mindset of a beehive. It seems to me that this is what he is doing right now. I see a determined team. Before the win over Tottenham, Inter were not too lucky but now Inter has found its own track but things are getting more serious as they have to face all the other big sides in the league.”

He proceeded to discuss what he thinks Inter are missing and who he would like to see signed.

“A true regista is lacking. Brozovic is perfectly suited to do it, but he is not a true regista, he’s the kind of player who works best alongside the regista. Even though we don’t have the regista, Inter is very strong, athletic and dynamic. Last year there was Rafinha and I want Modric.”

Bonolis concluded the interview by speaking on Inter striker Mauro Icardi.

“Icardi is beginning to give his contribution in the defensive phase and is also starting to give assists. I would not trade him for Milan’s Gonzalo Higuain due to his love for the shirt but also because he is younger.”

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