Inter President Zhang & Zanetti Attend China International Import Expo

Steven Zhang and Inter vice-president Javier Zanetti attended the China International Import Expo in Shanghai alongside a Nerazzurri delegation.

The new Inter president spoke on the future of the club and wanting to develop Chinese talents and Chinese football in general

“In the future, Inter will continue to commit themselves to global markets, in particular, we will keep working in China to import the most advanced concepts and techniques in international football. We’ll also support the development of youth football in this country, creating new opportunities for young Chinese players that go on to join some of the best European academies.

“Inter is a football club and competition obviously plays an important role. However, Inter is not just a club, and it’s not just about football. What’s just as important is the club’s role in acting as a bridge and channel of communication between China, Italy and Europe – catering for fans and consumers all around the world. This is achieved through the culture of sport and healthy competition. Through Inter, Suning also believe in a commitment to supporting the development of football in China.”

Zanetti then chipped in with a comment of his own.

“This event also has great resonance in Italy, with Pirelli joining our club in taking part. Obviously, in the future, Inter will have an even more important role in building relations between China and Europe.”

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