Milan Mayor Sala: “Inter & Milan Wanting To Work On Stadium Together Is Very Positive”

Milan mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala has reacted to the joint press release from both Inter and Milan this morning that detailed their shared desire to work together on the stadium issue.

“There was an agreement on the fact of resuming working together, something which removes any doubt about the fact that the two teams want or will want to go in different directions. Assumption number one is San Siro and we will work on that: Inter and Milan will need technical clarifications from the council. The clubs have declared that they want to reach a solution by December,” he told the gathered media at Palazzo Pirelli.

“We are open to all of ideas they have with regard to a project to improve the stadium because the other stadiums in Europe have also become a source of attraction for tourists. The clubs now need to work together and examinine the various hypotheses, the main one being the potential restructuring of San Siro. Now there is no doubt that Inter and Milan want to work together, and I think this is very positive.”

Sala also refused to deny the possibility of the surrounding area of the stadium being restructured also.

“We are talking about the San Siro area to. It may be the case that everything done is not limited to the restructuring of the stadium alone.”

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