Inter Thinking Of San Siro Stay While Milan Is Open To The Idea Of A New Stadium

Corriere della Sera has performed an extensive analysis on the agreement signed by both Inter and Milan to commit to the San Siro and continue work to modernise the stadium. This is a joint commitment, it is something that represents a revolution according to Corriere della Sera.

“Some of the most important clubs in the world have chosen in recent years to build their own stadiums with the hopes of maximising their revenues, but Inter and Milan have decided to choose cohabitation instead. They have decided to stay together and work on modernising the San Siro and ‘customising’ it for two. In previous years, there was talks of Milan wanting their own stadium, but those discussions have been discarded with the changes in ownership that they have gone through. The clubs have opted to continue to share the San Siro because it displays the best interests of all of the stakeholders from a financial, administrative, and technical point of view.”

The desire to remain at the San Siro was underlined by a few factors: there are economic advantages in dividing the construction and future maintenance costs between the two clubs. They have also calculated that a stadium that appears on TV for two games a week (and perhaps even more often due to European competitions) will collect more sponsorship benefits than owning a single stadium.

Inter are pushing to restructure the San Siro while Milan are still open to the idea of building their own stadium if the opportunity arises. The clubs have agreed to work on the San Siro, making it more modern and appropriate to the needs of the two clubs, with two separate entrances and the possibility of “dressing” the stadium differently depending on the matches to be played, but that is only provided that they can commercially exploit the appeal of the San Siro in terms of creating shops and hotels.

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