Spalletti: “Skriniar Staying At Inter As He Is Priceless”

As part of his post-match press conference following Inter’s 6-2 thrashing off Benevento, Luciano Spalletti warned allegedly interested clubs that Milan Skriniar will not leave Inter as nobody can afford what he is worth but firstly spoke on the risks teams run when facing smaller teams.

“There is the risk of lowering the level of quality and the individual level that allows you to be an Inter player. When you get to a certain level, the problem becomes one of a mental nature, not athletic or physical, you have to be yourself in every game,” he said.

He then spoke on having to play the game behind closed doors due to the recent behaviour of a portion of Inter fans.

“We do not want to play in this kind of way and we have to find different solutions. It [racism] is a more of a social problem than a football one but football still suffers.”

Spalletti then commented on the performances of Lautaro Martinez and Mauro Icardi who were given a rare opportunity to start the match together.

“Lautaro and Icardi can do better from a tactical point of view, we suffered a bit because we had one less body in the midfield but they did well.”

He then went on to discuss the respective situations of both Skriniar and Miranda.

Nobody has the money to pay for Skriniar. He is priceless. He is staying here, because nobody can afford him.

“Miranda asking to leave? This sort of rumour damages Inter and weakens the club. If Miranda did tell anyone he wanted to leave Inter, he didn’t say it to me. Every time I played him, he has done well.”

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