Kevin-Prince Boateng On Racism In Football: “Ignorance Must Be Abolished”

Kevin-Prince Boateng has assured he will put Fiorentina teammate Federico Chiesa in his place if he is not calm, amid continued links to a move elsewhere, including to both Juventus and Inter.

“He accepted he was staying here. He’s young and I understand him: there was so much talk about great teams and you pick up on it, but he must do very well here. He’s very strong and he wants to play at the Euros. I see him calm. If he isn’t, I’ll put him in place,” he told La Repubblica.

Romelu Lukaku was recently racially abused by Cagliari fans and Boateng, who has been racially abused himself during his time in Italy, then spoke on the topic of racism.

“The chants at the stadium want to remind us of when our grandparents were slaves but those who make those chants, before being racist, are ignorant.

“Ignorance must be abolished. At school, we must introduce an hour of integration: we must tell our children that we’re all the same. They’re our future.”

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