Moreno Torricelli: “Inter Are Ahead Of Napoli But Still Not At Juventus’ Level”

Former Juventus defender Moreno Torricelli believes that Inter have overtaken Napoli as the best placed team to challenge Juventus for the Serie A title this season.

“I believe that Inter have a little more in terms of the personality of the players in the squad compared to Napoli. Napoli is a good team, but they are very fragile mentally. Inter have more than them but I do not think that they are at the level of Juventus. The Bianconeri will not have any problems domestically this year,” he said in an interview with Radio Bianconera.

Torricelli also spoke on Federico Chiesa, who drew strong links to both Juventus and Inter in the Summer.

“He is most interesting young player we have in Italy. Fiorentina did well to keep him, now it will depend on the ownership and how they want to grow the club.

“I think they want to bet everything on him. Certainly for the player it would have been important to go to Juventus which is one of the best teams in Europe. Everyone wants to play for the strongest teams.”

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