Inter & AC Milan Could Build New Stadium In Sesto San Giovanni

Inter and AC Milan have threatened the Milan city council they will move their proposed new stadium elsewhere if their wishes are not granted according to a report from Corriere della Sera.

On this coming Tuesday the two clubs will present the remaining two plans for the new stadium to the council but the clubs and the council have never been so far apart.

The city council are understood to have tried to convince the clubs not to demolish their current San Siro stadium in a recent meeting, something the clubs are not happy with as it would seriously hurt the grand plans that they have for the area surrounding the new ground.

The clubs told the city council that they would be prepared to move from the San Siro area in favour of building the stadium in the Sesto San Giovanni area of the city if the San Siro stadium does not get demolished.

In recent days and perhaps not by chance, Milanosesto chief executive Giuseppe Bonomi admitted that they are ready if the two clubs opt to build the stadium in Sesto San Giovanni.

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