Milan Mayor Sala: “The Council Could Sell San Siro To Inter & AC Milan”

Milan city mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala has revealed that the city council could sell the San Siro stadium to Inter and AC Milan.

Currently the two clubs have a long running lease on the historic ground but the clubs have grand plans to build themselves a new shared stadium, much to the disappointment of Sala who has made it clear that he would like to see the sides remain at San Siro.

“Right now, there are two possibilities on the table: a [new] stadium in San Siro or a stadium in Sesto San Giovanni,” he explained to Corriere della Sera.

“I’d like add a third: we’re willing to sell San Siro, should the possibility be considered. The construction of the new stadium is a possibility that we dread, and it obviously wouldn’t be welcome for us, but we’re talking about two privately-owned clubs that, in their rightful interests, could do something like that.”

Sala then went on to confirm that San Siro could be bought for under €100 million.

“The council doesn’t want to make any money from San Siro. We’re extremely willing to let a third party perform an assessment, telling us how much it’s worth. We have absolutely no need or interest to speculate about San Siro. I estimate San Siro to be worth around €70m

“We could use an independent body as a surveyor, so that there’s no speculation. That said, the clubs are within their rights to choose: if they prefer, for reasons of their own, to build a new stadium, that’s what they’ll weigh up.”

He concluded: “I can only try to persuade them with all the possibilities on the table and, right now, I’m also offering this possibility.”

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