Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello: “We Want Transparency, We’re Awaiting Answers, I Can Exclude Possibility Of San Siro Renovation”

Inter chief executive Alessandro Antonello was present at tonight’s meeting with the citizens of the San Siro district to give further clarity on Inter and AC Milan’s proposed new stadium as well as answer any concerns of citizens.

“We have not yet went into the details of the projects, but they are master plans followed by a detailed feasibility study. It is important for us to start the path of dialogue, the two projects are not definitive, we want to listen to the people, institutions and anyone who wants to improve these ideas,” he told those gathered at the meeting.

“We want to clarify what the position was because we talked about the monologue of the clubs, instead we presented the projects based on the legal regulations. We followed the formal steps, we are here with you because we have opened this path of dialogue.

“This is a starting point for us, we want to listen to you and also give you more clarity. It is an idea that concerns the concession areas that the two teams have today from the city council, we cannot enter into the merits of an area that is not within our responsibility and of which we are not owners.

“To date we have had zero contact with the owners of the Trotto area because it is not part of our plans, we are interested in the San Siro area. I can exclude that there are agreements with the two areas.

“The clubs have presented a proposal to the council of Milan that have to declare a public interest, we are not here to impose anything that we do not like. We have given ideas for the redevelopment of a district and for its improvement in terms of quality.

“We want transparency, we want to talk. The council is reviewing the documentation, we were confronted with the commission services and are considering what they have said. Let me be clear: no one is hiding anything, the 750-page project has been filed and the administration is evaluating it. Being here with you is a moment of sharing and openness, we feel the needs and we make them our own.

“The council must express itself a public deadline for the October 10 deadline but this deadline could be extended. We are in favour of this extension because it means giving more time. By the end of the month we will understand if there is this interest in the project, we have not yet detailed the plans for this.

“We are at a preliminary stage, there are no final plans yet. Only then can one go into the merits of specific situations. It is clear that you always try to improve things, nobody wants to make them worse. A moment of listening and comparison helps to gather new ideas and for this reason we are at your disposal. Our procedure started on September 26th with the presentation, the administrative one on July 10th but we are here to collect your ideas and concerns.

He proceeded to explain why the clubs rejected the proposal put forward by renowned Italian architect Stefano Boeri regarding the renovation of San Siro.

“Renovating San Siro would be a safety risk. Due to the work, the tunnel among other things could not be used during the renovation. Any ideas for renovation are excluded.”

He concluded by revealing some details relating to possible construction times.

“If we receive authorisation to proceed, it will take around 44 months to complete everything. It would take about 8 months to demolish San Siro and then another 36 months to construct the new stadium and the surrounding area.

“Any type of work must be done in compliance with the regulations for protecting the health of citizens. It was mentioned in the presentation, compared to the current 55 thousand square meters that are planned, the greenery envisaged in our proposal should be around 89 thousand square meters.

“We must keep the interest of the city council alive, we will be happy to meet again and see each other again, to do this together.”

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