Milan Mayor Sala “I Hope Inter & AC Milan Have Patience”

Milan city mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala has urged both Inter and AC Milan to have patience following last night’s meeting with the residents of the San Siro district which related to their proposals to build a brand new state-of-the-art stadium and significantly renovate the area surrounding the stadium.

“We need to understand how much those who protested are representative of the true will of the neighbourhood. In the face of great transformations, great patience is needed,” he is quoted as saying by AlaNews at the Book City Milano 2019 event today.

“We politicians are used to the fact that today people do not necessarily agree with you. You have to convince them, you have to explain, you have to guarantee that you are there and you will be there until the end of the project. This is a path that must be done and I hope that the teams have patience.”

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