Didier Drogba: “Inter’s Lukaku Has A Lot Of Room For Improvement But Is A Fantastic Player”

Legendary striker Didier Drogba has sang the praises of current Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, who was a teammate of his at Premier League club Chelsea.

“I see Romelu almost like a son. When we were together at Chelsea, there was an immediate connection between us. I remember he literally knew everything about me. He could describe every little detail including what boots I had played with in different games. He has a lot of character,” he said in an interview with hln.be.

“He shows respect for everyone and he is eager to learn, he constantly came to ask for advice. We have regular contact even now. He knows he can always come to me for help if he needs it.

“The criticism he has faced show that Romelu is at top of the world. Only later will the fans realise how good Romelu was, when they look back at his successes. Romelu is not at the highest level yet, he has a lot of room for improvement. He’s just getting better.”

He concluded: “When Romelu debuted, he was sixteen. At that age I was still in the amateurs. I really wish him all the best. Romelu deserves this success. He will always score. Everywhere. He lives for this and he is a fantastic player.”

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