Inter Attacker Alexis Sanchez: “We Need To Be More United Than Ever For A Better Chile”

Alexis Sanchez has called upon the Chilean government and protesters to think of the future generations as the recent uproar continues in the South American nation.

There have been violent protests, resulting in a number of deaths, relating to the rising cost of living in Chile with a state of emergency even being declared in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

Sanchez, who joined Inter on a season long loan from Manchester United this past Summer, has taken to social media platform Instagram to voice his views.

“I accept that a better Chile is wanted but it needs to be asked for in a peaceful way, without destroying the goods we all need. In this way we hurt ourselves. Those who suffer the most are children, who do not understand what is happening because of us.

“We need to be more united than ever for a better Chile. I ask for agreements and solutions all for a better Chile and for children who have no fault in the matter, but who are the present and the future of our Chile.”

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Acepto los reclamos para un Chile mejor, pero de forma pacífica y sin destruir los bienes que todos necesitamos. De esa manera nos dañamos nosotros mismos. Los que mas sufren con esto son los niños que no entienden que cosas pasan por culpa de nosotros los adultos. Debemos estar más unidos que nunca por un Chile mejor 🙏🏽 Hago un llamado a buscar acuerdos y soluciones. Todo por un chile mejor y por los niños que no tienen culpa de nada, ellos son el presente y el futuro de nuestro Chile 🙏🏽😢❤

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