Hellas Verona Coach Ivan Juric: “Inter Are Tougher Than Juve But Don’t Have The Same Quality”

Hellas Verona coach Ivan Juric spoke to gathered reporters at a press conference last night following the Veronese side’s 2-1 defeat to Inter at the San Siro.

“We prepared the game like this, playing compact. We did quite well. In the second half we wanted to get up a bit. We missed a counterattack, we could have done more harm in the spaces.”

Juric then discussed the differences between Inter and Juventus.

“Against Juve we went to play higher up. They have great technical quality, Inter are tougher but don’t have the quality of Juve. They don’t give much, they’re on the ball.”

The Verona coach also spoke about the merits that should be given to Inter, as well as their 18-year-old striker Eddie Salcedo that’s currently on loan at the club.

“We suffered in the last 15 minutes fighting one against one, but in those situations, you have to steal the ball and we could not. The defeat is thanks to Inter, it is their merit.”

“Salcedo is in the development phase and can play any role in the attack, he can play two or three, be a trequartista, a winger or leading striker. I’m using him more than expected: holding up at 18 is difficult.”

Juric also spoke about the team’s difficulties in attack last night.

“We missed a lot of passes because we couldn’t keep the ball in the first press. They were compacting like that; they’re giving you a moment to start again quickly. Then we didn’t manage to get them stretched.”

Finally, Juric touched on the team’s incredibly defensive play in the loss.

“We wanted to do it this way, Inter have players physically superior to ours and therefore we did not want to give them the game and the ability to control the midfield. That was the idea, then when Inter understands that, they don’t get anxious.”

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