Inter & AC Milan Not Optimistic About Meeting With Council Over Stadium

Inter and AC Milan officials have little optimism heading into today’s meeting with the Milan city council over their new stadium project according to a report in today’s paper edition of Gazzetta dello Sport.

The two clubs are expecting to be told about the constraints relating to the council declaring a public interest in their project, which they officially presented to the public a few months ago.

Moreover, they are expecting clarification with regards to the future of San Siro. The two clubs had planned to completely demolish their current home once their new ground was completed adjacent to it.

However, the city council and locals did not take too kindly to the idea and it is now expected that San Siro will remain, albeit not in its current state.

One suggestion that has done the rounds in the media is the stadium to be reduced in size and transformed into a stadium which can host youth and women’s football.

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