Bellinazzo: “Inter Will Be Able To Afford A Move Like Ronaldo’s To Juventus In A Couple Of Years”

Il Sole 24 Ore journalist and football business and finance expert Marco Bellinazzo has shared his belied that Inter are still a few years away from being able to complete a move on the scale of Cristiano Ronaldo’s to Juventus.

Inter are one of a number of clubs to have drawn links to Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi in the past few weeks with multiple reports around the globe suggesting that the multi-time world player of the year could be set to leave Barcelona for pastures new.

Reports have highlighted the fact that Messi has a clause within his contract at the reigning Spanish champions which allows him to free himself this Summer but some reports have stated he can only use this clause to move to a minor league which would therefore rule out the possibility of a move to Inter.

“It is clear that we are talking about a €50 million salary with Messi which is higher than Ronaldo’s. It is a deal that only a few clubs such as the big English sides, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain could make,” he began an interview with Italian radio station Radio Nerazzurra earlier on today.

“In Italy, on the basis of the Ronaldo deal and a series of tax bonuses Juventus could come forward for him. As for Inter, an operation like this would be more risky for them from a business standpoint. In a year and a half or two years, they will be able to afford to repeat the move Juventus made for Ronaldo.”

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