Transfer market – Toby Alderweireld is going towards renewal

Toby Alderweireld talked to Talk Sport about his renewal The Belgian central, Toby Alderweireld is on the list of many clubs. Inter likes the rocky defender very much and it would like to take him at no cost. But his team, Tottenham does not want to lose him for any reason. The player talked to Talk Sport and when they touched the renewal topic, he has declared: “I’m trying to concentrate and to help the team, the rest will come.”The 89’s class highlighted that: “I have my father and my agent who are dealing with these things. I am here to play football, to win with Tottenham and to give the most to the team. I have done that from the first day and I will also do that now.”Bayern Monaco and Arsenal are also interested in Alderweireld. L’articolo Transfer market – Toby Alderweireld is going towards renewal sembra essere il primo su Mondo Inter. Giulia Bui
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