INTER CLUB AWAY DAYS | Tottenham vs Inter | UEFA Champions League Champions League, Tottenham vs. Inter. The away game in London as experienced through the eyes of the fans: the get-together between Inter Club London and Inter Forever legend Nicola Berti, the magical atmosphere at Wembley, the rousing reception for Paul Ince, the exclusive experience of watching Mauro Icardi and his teammates from the touchline as well as the magnificent support from the 4,567 #InterFans who travelled to watch the match… this is what true passion for the Nerazzurri looks like! Champions League, Tottenham-Inter. La trasferta di Londra vissuta attraverso gli occhi dei tifosi: l’incontro tra l’Inter Club London e la leggenda di Inter Forever Nicola Berti, l’atmosfera magica di Wembley, l’emozionante omaggio a Paul Ince, immagini esclusive di Mauro Icardi e compagni da bordocampo e il tifo incessante dei 4.567 #InterFans presenti allo stadio durante la partita… questa è vera passione nerazzurra! 🖋 SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE 📹👇🏻 https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=inter Follow us 📱 💻 👇🏻 FACEBOOK: https://ift.tt/2zzbW5d INSTAGRAM: https://ift.tt/1DoFY2c TWITTER: http://twitter.com/inter_en SNAPCHAT: https://ift.tt/2zzbX9h INTER OFFICIAL APP: https://ift.tt/2MrnsDP
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