Moratti: “Nobody believed I could sign Ronaldo”

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Tomorrow marks 20 years since Massimo Moratti signed Ronaldo for Inter. The former owner and president of the Nerazzuri spoke to Mi-Tomorrow on the transfer: “It was not easy. Nobody thought I could buy him, so I had no competition. He had problems with Barcelona and once we paid the clause only he had to decide. The final act was when I was going to Padua to work. Giovanni Branchini called and told me it could be done.”

Moratti then discussed Nike and the sponsorship that came with the Ronaldo deal: “I asked Nike that if I signed Ronaldo would they give me a very different figure for the sponsorship. They did not believe it and then they told me yes. They thought it was a joke. When you buy a club, you are dreaming you can do something exceptional, even at the expense of perfect administration. The first year was amazing. Unfortunately, he then had two serious injuries. There has never been a bad relationship between myself and Ronaldo and he has always been very affectionate with me. Going to Inter was not the best of his choices, but his freedom was part of his character.”

He then pondered whether or not Suning will make a signing similar to Ronaldo: “Sooner or later, maybe yes. Now they need to find someone who feels part of the club and wants to give their best for the team. In addition, it is not easy to find someone the level of Ronaldo. The coach has changed many times, but the players have to show character, something that they have not shown. It is clear that everything depends on the choices and luck you have.”


Moratti: “Nobody believed I could sign Ronaldo”

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