Fiorentina Only Willing To Sell Inter Target Chiesa For €70 Million

Federico Chiesa is unattainable for Inter. The other big name of Inter’s market, is the Fiorentina Winger, but the Viola are known to put up a fight for their star players. However, according to Gazzetta dello Sport it is still possible, but only with a big offer.

According to the report the Della Valle brothers have given no opening of a compromise being reached. They’re sitting tight and holding firm. But every club has a breaking point and Fiorentina’s starts with a seven. A bid of €70 million or more of cash only with bonuses raising the sum, would make Fiorentina listen.

The player has no intention of causing problems with the club that discovered, raised and got him to this point as he feels too much gratitude to Fiorentina for Inter to persuade the youngster to force his way out.

He is currently on holiday and waits for an update on his future. Fiorentina have already rejected multiple large offers for him and should look to secure his future for at least another season. A contract was signed last November where he earns €1.7 million plus bonuses taking the total up to €2 million net per season but could be further improved.

Although Fiorentina is not considering this at the moment, as they don’t believe in the practice of giving players a wage increase every few months and already think the current contract is of great economic importance.

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