UEFA: “Inter Have Partially Fulfilled FFP Targets”

The governing body of European football, UEFA, released a report today regarding the financial settlement agreements between clubs and UEFA concerning adherence to UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules.

As expected, Inter were found to have partially fulfilled the targets set out by UEFA and therefore will be subjected to some restrictions for the coming season. This means that the punishments set forth in the settlement agreement between Inter and UEFA, such restrictions on number of players allowed in the Champions League squad, will be applied for one more season. Therefore Inter will not be subjected to a transfer ban, but only see the number of players the club is allowed to register for the Champions League become reduced.

The full statement:

“The CFCB Investigatory Chamber further concluded that Fenerbahçe SK, FC Internazionale Milano and Trabzonspor AŞ have partially fulfilled the targets set for season 2017/18. As a consequence, the foreseen conditional sporting measures, such as the transfer restrictions and the limitation on the number of players in the List A, will not be lifted and will continue to apply in the season 2018/19. Additional financial contributions, if applicable, will be withheld as specified in each respective agreement. The settlement regime will continue to apply for season 2018/19 for both FC Internazionale Milano and Trabzonspor AŞ; and up to and including season 2019/20 for Fenerbahçe SK; as originally foreseen.”

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