Former Inter Manager Frank de Boer Slams Gabigol’s ‘Superstar’ Attitude

Former Inter manager Frank de Boer has slammed Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbosa’s attitude while he managed him at the club and called on the Brazilian youngster to get his act together.

“He thought he was still in Brazil, he was walking instead of running, he wanted to get the ball without running, he did not understand that he had to train hard, it’s not that he just never played with me as he has never practically played for Inter at all,” de Boer said in an interview with ESPN.

“He has to look in the mirror at himself and he has to prove every day that he is wanting to be the best or be a good player, not carrying around that superstar attitude ,after all he only won an Olympic medal and nothing else. He has to prove himself, to his teammates and his coach to be a good player but he can also still become a fantastic player. I hope he learns soon otherwise it will be a shame for Brazilian football.”

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