Luciano Spalletti: “It Will Be Hard To Get Modric”

After the final whistle of the wingame against Atletico Madrid, Inter coach Luciano Spalletti stopped by Sky Sport Italia to analyze the game and also to have his say about the transfer market.

What a goal from Lautaro Martinez.

“Yes, a good one. But be aware of the fact that there were a lot of things that could have been done better. You guys are only interested in who scores but here is also the dimension of working well with your teammates, not losing the ball and to make yourself available. The fans only wants a good performance from start to finish, especially the Inter fans have seen champions play and they have seen these champions value each pass. To them it does not matter if a player makes a pass that you journalists appreciates. During the first half we saw a brilliant Inter, in the second half you saw an Inter that has a lot to improve.”

Is this an Inter that is ready for Europe?

“The feeling is that we knew how to handle the game during the first half, then they subbed players who knew when to push and when to fall back within a tenth of a second. We need to work on being a complete team, with quality and with being insistent. In the second half we fell back a lot, we were playing a very strong team and everyone knows the mentality that Simeone can pass to the players. but we have to give something more. The players lose balls they cannot lose, when the game peaks someone lowers the rhythm, something that just cannot happen.”

Are you satisfied with what you saw tonight?

“Yes, I am someone that feels that every practice is a competition. Whenever I pass the gate to the Pinetina I want to win every practice game and I want to show results.”

The dream of Modric?

“I do not know, the Director worries about that. It is up to him, but already the fact that a European Champion is thinking about going to Inter fills me with joy.”

Would his arrival make Inter more of a competitive team in Europe?

“I think it is hard to get players like him, but I think the club made a good job getting his interest in coming here.”

Do you want to come back here in June?

“Absolutely, to win the scudetto and to go to the final in the Champions League.”

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