Real Madrid President Perez Hopes Inter Target Luka Modric Changes His Mind

The transfer of Real Madrid’s Croatian international midfielder Luka Modric to Inter is very much up in the air Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport reports in today’s paper.

According to the report: “There has been no meeting, is this good news or bad news? You can’t find an answer to the question that has bounced back and forth between Spain and Italy, but what is clear is that Florentino Perez has nothing to say to Modric and nothing to listen to. That explains why the two of them have been together for three days without having a meeting. It all boils down to Florentino not considering a meeting as necessary, maybe he thinks the player will re-consider his current standpoint.

“Yesterday there was a meeting with Perez’s right hand man José Angel Sanchez and his agents, but without the presence of the player. At this point it seems that we have to wait until Monday, even though Inter’s management has been in Madrid, ahead of the friendly against Atletico Madrid, since yesterday. On Monday, Real Madrid leaves for Tallin, where the European Super Cup fixture awaits. If Modric embarks on that plane, chances of him leaving Real turn to practically zero.”

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