George Puscas Officially Unveiled At Palermo Following Arrival From Inter

Former Inter Primavera player, Romanian striker George Puscas, has been officially unveiled as a Palermo player since completing his transfer from the Nerazzurri to the Sicilian Serie B outfit.

The former Inter Primavera player stated that “as soon as I heard that Palermo was interested in me, I immediately told my agent that this was my first choice.”

The former Inter attacker then continued to emphasize that he arrives in Palermo “with great desire and enthusiasm. I am confident because this team can do well and I expect to have a great season. I have felt a lot of enthusiasm these days around the team.”

In conclusion he commented on why it took so long for him to become a Palermo player: “It was not up to me, there were some things between Inter and Palermo that needed to be sorted out, but in the meantime I trained well and made myself available for a transfer, I expect to be at 100% right now. Now it is up to the coach to decide whether or not I will play.”

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