Luciano Spalletti: ” We Lacked Concentration & Became Afraid”

After the final whistle against Parma, Inter coach Luciano Spalletti stopped to talk to Inter TV and gave his opinions on the embarrassing loss at home.

Spalletti began by analyzing what went wrong stating that: “When we reached the edge of their area we were not patient enough. Instead we became uncertain and got afraid. That kind of fear that makes you nervous, and we ended up being not well-composed playing poor balls. In the meantime Parma instead grew in confidence.”

The Inter coach was asked about the handball situation with Dimarco stating that: “I repeat: it is a clear penalty, very clear. That is a penalty, if that is not a penalty then something is not working. So far, we have reaped less than we have sowed, but we have to learn from our mistakes and also today, during the second half, we broke in half. And we also managed our energy badly, putting at risk two or three players that could have asked to be substituted. We needed more concentration.

In conclusion Spalletti was asked about if the upcoming match against Tottenham affected the players against Parma to which he stated: “Sometimes, involuntary, it happens that you get stimulated when facing a strong team. It should not, but it happens.”

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