Inter Had 28 Shots On Goal Against Parma But Only 8 On Target

Inter has still not won a game in the Serie A at home this season and after the tough 0-1 loss against Parma yesterday afternoon, voices of criticism are raised, although much of the result was due to a subpar performance of the referee Manganiello.

Only 4 points in 4 games is just not enough for an Inter that aims high after a really good transfer window this summer. However in all this darkness there are some positive things to take from the game against Parma. During the game yesterday, Inter had 28 shots on goal, the only problem was that neither of them finished in goal. This was the most number of finishes without scoring a goal since Inter played against Novara in 2012, when the team had 30 shots on goal without managing to score.

Also in that game, the guests won the match after a goal from Caracciolo. Eight shots on goal from Inter is one shot less that Parma had in total and so the statistics speak for themselves.

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