Zanetti: “Moratti Deserved The Triplete, I Hope Icardi Stays At Inter”

Inter legend and current vice-president of the club Javier Zanetti was present at the Festival of Sport event and spoke with Gazzetta dello Sport on the Triplete among other topics.

“In the moment of victory we were all happy for what we had done. Moratti deserved this more than all of us for the efforts made and not only the economic ones. He will always remain in history for the heart and the passion that he gave us.

There certainly was not a moment where we thought we could win everything. In football you never know, but there was a great desire to get to the end of all competitions. There was a group that was made up of men before players, and this was seen in all matches that we faced.”

Zanetti proceeded to speak on current Inter captain Mauro Icardi and also weighed in on the ongoing debate as to who is the better striker, Icardi or Milan’s Gonzalo Higuain.

“He cares a lot for Inter and he’s showing it, he always said it, I see him happy at Inter, I hope he can continue here for so long.

“They are both great strikers and they have been showing it for many years, which is why I think it will be a derby with lots of goals.”

Zanetti was then asked if he could see some of Triplete winning manager Jose Mourinho in current manager Luciano Spalletti.

“They are two different coaches, they face games in their own way and they have a different personality, Spalletti is doing a great job with us and I hope he can continue like this.”

He concluded the interview by speaking on Lautaro Martinez.

“We talked about him for a long time, as soon as we understood that there was the possibility of being able to do a deal, we went and completed it. He’s young, he’s only 21 but the things he showed give us hope for the future. Spalletti will decide if he and Icardi will play together as he is the one who sees him every day.”

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