Inter’s Depth This Year Far Better Than Last On The Wings

Corriere dello Sport have reflected on Inter’s strength and depth on the wings this season and looked back to last season where Inter were not in such a fortunate position.

“Everything comes from the enlargement of the team. A year ago, in fact, Spalletti was unable to change much, because he lacked alternatives. There was Eder as Ivan Perisic’s back-up, but in the end he was primarily the alter ego of Mauro Icardi, or the extra attacker to be added behind Maurito himself in situations of need. The vice to Antonio Candreva, however, at least initially had to be Joao Cancelo, but Spalletti played him as a fullback, where he made the difference. However, the real alternative should have been Yann Karamoh. Karamoh had a long adaption process and only got to make four starts. This season Perisic and Matteo Politano on the wings in the most popular but it is no longer necessary for either to play the full game each week.”

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