Moratti: “Marotta To Inter Would Be A Smart Choice”

Former Inter owner Massimo Moratti spoke on the sidelines of the Triplete dedicated event in Trento and first spoke on Inter club captain Mauro Icardi.

“Icardi already is a pillar of Inter now he must reach the same results as those who preceded him. Can Lautaro Martinez play with Icardi? I really think so, they have the characteristics to play and score together,” he said in an interview with Gazzetta TV.

Moratti then commented on the upcoming Milan derby.

“It will be a difficult match but we have a chance to win. All those that we won particularly during the time of the Triplete have remained in my heart.”

Moratti, who owned the club for just shy of 20 years, then was asked if there is any players he would like to see at the club.

“I do not allow myself to suggest players right now, Inter have good enough players already.”

He then concluded the interview by speaking on the idea of Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Marotta arriving at the club in a directors role.

“If there was a possibility he would be a smart choice.”

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