Pirelli CEO Provera: “José Mourinho In Tears After Inter Scudetto Win”

The Chief Executive Officer of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, spoke about the historic season in which Inter won the treble under manager Jose Mourinho.

He recalls memories of the happiness and joy that was brought to Inter after a memorable season stating that: “In Siena I wanted to congratulate Jose Mourinho on their Scudetto victory, but I could not find him, and when they told me he was on a bus, I found him in tears.”

Tronchetti then went on to talk about that historic season for Inter: “We won the Champions League in Barcelona, and in Madrid, there was a strange feeling in the air. I’ve never lived through such a quiet match. I’ve never seen Moratti so relaxed. Massimo truly is Inter.”

Pirelli have been in a long term relationship with Inter as their shirt sponsors for over two decades. Since 1995, the name of Pirelli has been seen on every Inter jersey.

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