Schelotto: “Inter Can Challenge Juventus For The Title”

Ezequiel Schelotto, today at Brighton in the English Premier League, talked to Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of Sundays game between Atalanta and Inter, two of his former clubs but firstly spoke on how his Inter move came about.

“It was impossible to say no to one of the biggest clubs in the world, but I arrived at a special moment on a personal level.”

“On social media people remember my goal against AC Milan, it was an emotional goal. That goal was the end of a nightmare for me. People on the outside think that players are privileged: good life, being rich and famous, but it is not like that. The money does not count if you are unhappy, we also cry and suffer like everybody else. During that period a lot of things went on in my head – coming from complicated things in my personal life and people around me treating me like an ATM machine. People who saw me as a guy who could pay for everything, a short-cut to luxury – basically, people you can not trust. Fortunately I met Gisela. That goal against Milan kind of put an end to that dark period and my wife gave me back the joy and serenity, she changed everything.”

The Argentine was then asked if inter are the anti-Juventus have many media outlets have labelled them and Inter captain Mauro Icardi.

“Inter can hold their heads high against Juventus and they have a coach that can pass on the winning mentality that is needed. I think Inter can challenge Juventus this year.

“Mauro is lethal in the area, breaking every record. He will also be that decisive in the national team.”

He concluded the interview by speaking on the re-birth of former Sporting Lisbon teammate Joao Mario who has experienced a re-birth under Luciano Spalletti in recent weeks.

“At Lisbon, we made up the right side of the pitch. I was the right fullback and he was the right winger. Joao is very talented and now he is proving to be the champion that I know of.”

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