Inter & Juventus Are Now Closer On A Political Level

Inter and Juventus are now much closer, at least on a political level.

Andrea Agnelli and Steven Zhang have a cordial relationship, and while they have not met that often they share some domestic and foreign policy objectives, as underlined by Gazzetta dello Sport.

Calciopoli is no longer on the agenda – something the arrival of a new presidency has helped with – and the two clubs have put their old grudges behind them to choose similar outlooks, especially in the international aspect.

Inter supported the election of Agnelli as president of the ECA, while Agnelli was also among those who most favoured the nomination of Zhang Jr in the Club Competition Committee, the committee that deals with European competitions.

Juventus and Inter have been united on the subject of reforms for the Champions League and on the changes to the structure of the cups, with the introduction of the third competition and the Super Club Champions project.

In Italy it is logically simpler to have different visions but Agnelli in the autumn even proposed Massimo Moratti, with whom he has known since he was a child, as a new federal president. Juventus and Inter in the League sit close by tradition and, in general terms, they are part of the anti-Lotito faction.

Having said this, there is no lack of a difference in views. Inter for example did not share the battle of Juventus for the free sponsorship of the advertising spaces on the sides of the goal. In short, though, there is nothing exceptional in their differences.

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