Juventus Are Human, Inter Looked Them In The Eye But Have Regrets

The Gazzetta dello Sport reported on Saturday that Inter could have had a goal with Gagliardini and Politano but were punished by a goal from Mario Mandzukic, highlighting the fact that Juventus don’t tend to waste chances like that.

“When you challenge the ‘Martians’ you can’t expect to get back to land safe and sound,” they said after Juventus won the game 1-0 in Turin.

Yesterday the Old Lady showed up in one of her more human versions and Cristiano Ronaldo, who danced on the ball and attempted his usual tricks, looked ordinary, which is why Inter must have a lot of regrets.

Inter played well, especially in the first half. They looked the ‘Martians’ in the eye, and finished with more possession (51%), they scared them. It’s not easy but at this level the reluctance to shoot is costly.

Icardi never got a shot away and now the anti-Juve as they were labelled over the summer are 14 points behind the champions, while tomorrow they could find Milan only one point behind them with the other Champions League candidates hot on their heels.

The assault on PSV and the eventual qualification to the last 16 in the Champions League will have to restore their momentum. Otherwise there will be a lot of questions for Spalletti and co to answer.

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