Suning Have Already Closed Inter’s Financial Gap To Juventus

If there is a team in Italy able to compete economically with Juventus, then it is Inter. Gazzetta dello Sport explains how Suning have already reduced the economic distance with their rivals and how, in the future, this distance could be completely wiped out.

Juventus’ turnover has reached over €400 Million (€411 Million in 2017-18, net of capital gains), double that of the other major teams in the league, which remained steady in the years when Juventus grew. Only Inter have showed signs of improvement and the kickstart was given by Suning, with Inter’s turnover nearly reaching €300 Million (297 in 2017-18). Suffice to say that since Suning took control of 68.55% of the shares in June 2016, it has pumped €474 Million into the club’s funds, of which €247 Million into the capital account and €227 Million in loans, which is destined to be converted into equity, after that the 31.05% owned by Thohir will be resolved.

Juventus have not needed this sort of assistance for years now, and are completely self-sufficient. Zhang Sr. and Jnr. propose to retrace the same parable of tonight’s rivals, over a period of 3-5 years.

The starting gap between the two clubs, however, is remarkable and the good will and the openness of Suning are not enough. Without considering player sales, which for Juventus has been an essential factor (the sale of Pogba to €105 Million, for example) and that Inter will have to start to make more intense profits.

The €411 Million earned by the Bianconeri is made up by the following: €200 Million for TV rights, €126 MIllion commercial revenue, €61 Million from their stadium, €24 Million from other sources. The €297 Million earned by the Nerazzurri is made up by the following: €95 Million from TV rights, €139 Million commercial revenue, €35 Million from the Stadium and €28 Million from other sources.

The difference in TV rights is made up from the Champions League (€78 Million for Juve and €0 for Inter). Inter is even in front of the commercial area but we can not fail to consider the Suning factor which, with direct sponsorship, has secured €38 Million in 2017-18 and thanks to its network of alliances has propitiated the activation of contracts by companies for another €62 Million.

Juventus is destined to grow further, above all thanks to the help of Cristiano Ronaldo, but Inter is hoping their stadium will help close the gap even further.

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