Romelu Lukaku: “Inter Could Be The Team I Need”

Romelu Lukaku believes he is in the best place by being at Inter following his club record transfer from Manchester United during the Summer transfer window.

“This could be the team I need. It was the perfect time for me to leave England. I didn’t want to be there anymore,” he said in an interview with ESPN.

“This group of players we have here is a special group. And we have the right leader in front of us to take us to the right places. Inter is an ambitious club. It wants to get back where it needs to be. I want to help them build something here. It’s the right move for me.

“The guy can make a team. It’s already like the guys have been there for many, many years together, even the ones who just arrived. It’s the strangest thing. They embraced me and I embraced them. It’s like I’ve been part of it for many months. It’s important for me to express myself to my teammates.

“It’s important for me as a player that they understand me perfectly. How I want the ball. Where I want the ball. In front of the defender, beside the defender, behind the defender.

“We’re learning. But we have to move the right way. And we have to make it clear that that every time you face Inter, it’s a battle.”

He then spoke on his partnership with Lautaro Martinez that has shown early signs of promise.

“I can play one-touch to him and make another move. Go into certain spaces where I want to go, and he’ll get me the ball. If you analyse Conte’s teams, you see there’s a lot involved on every play. When the ball is in a certain area, we make a certain type of movement.

“If I make a movement, Lautaro should make the opposite movement. And if he makes a movement, I should make the opposite. We should know perfectly well where we need to go.”

He then responded to claims some people made that he was overweight.

“Normally I have an excellent digestive system, I digest everything very quickly and it has been like that all my life but what the nutritionist told me was that it stopped working. I’m fine now, my body too.”

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