Inter & AC Milan Face Continued Scrutiny For New Stadium Plans

Inter and AC Milan’s proposals to build a new stadium continue to face scrutiny from local councillors and locals in the San Siro area according to a report from Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The clubs await the decision of the city council when it comes to declaring a public interest in the project, which will arrive by the end of October. The clubs are trying to break down the scepticism that is surrounding the new stadium,” the report from the Milan based news outlet explains.

“The Milan city councillors have more than a few doubts about the situation. The locals in the San Siro area are very fierce too with more than 150 people declaring they do not want a new stadium whilst only a few are for it.

“In a nutshell, those who do not want the new stadium and demand respect for the environment, are afraid of endless construction sites. Inter and Milan listen and give all the answers.”

It concludes: “The clubs do not want to hide anything. They want to improve the San Siro area as they believe that without the teams there, the neighbourhood would lose something.”

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