FIGC President Gravina: “We Must Plan Dates That Can Give Hope To All Who Love Our Sport”

In an interview with Italian radio station show Radio Marte show ‘Gonfia La Rete’, Italian football federation president Gabriele Gravina has spoken on the continued difficulties that the world of Italian football is facing as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

He started the interview, which was broadcast last night, by discussing why it is important for things to be planned at this time.

“We must plan dates that can give hope to all of those who love our sport. Now is the time to plan and make a sort of census of the situation and the crisis in sport and football.

“We are trying to put things together so that even at this negative time we can still have hope and change something in our world and start over.”

He was then asked how much of a chance he thinks there is of the 2019/20 season resuming at any point with media speculation suggesting it is growing increasingly likely it will not resume at all.

“I will only give up with great difficult. So long as there is a chance, I will keep the hope of resuming the leagues. I will make any and every attempt to achieve this.

“I am aware that it is premature to think of a date at this time but we must think positively. We will try to do our best even if it comes at the cost of asking for support from the likes of UEFA and FIFA.”

He was then asked if he thinks it will be difficult for a unanimous decision to be reached between Serie A clubs on what should happen.

“I think we know very well that when it comes to personal interest it is difficult to have everyone together but here there can be no room personal interest. I am appealing for common sense.”

Next he was asked what date would mean it would be impossible for the current season to be concluded.

“Italy has great difficulty to conclude the season because we have 13 matches to play. Talking about dates does not make any sense but we are aware that we need between 45 and 60 days to complete our season. If we are granted the months of July and August to play that would cover that period.

He was then asking what the FederCalcio’s position is when it comes to the possibility of players in Serie A having their wages cut to help cushion the financial blow.

“When you are in a state of emergency you must be consistent with the concept of solidarity and we must all be aware that there must be sacrifices made. We must all work together and make sacrifices and we will ask the players to do that.”

Next Gravina was asked about the possibility of the seasons being finished via playoffs.

“I only proposed this idea as a last resort but it remains an interesting idea and I hope that one day this idea is shared by the clubs so there can be more interest in Serie A.”

In conclusion he spoke on the possibility of the remainder of the season being cancelled entirely and titles not being assisnged.

“It would be an unpleasant scenario. As long as possible I will continue to reject these ideas.”

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