Serie A Clubs Focused On Dealing With Economic Backlash Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Serie A clubs are more focused on dealing with the financial blow the whole current situation has brought about rather than focusing on a possible date the season could resume according to a report in today’s print edition of Gazzetta dello Sport.

Reports in the media in the past few days have suggested that there could be a loss as great as €800 million amongst Serie A clubs if the season does not finish and clubs and Lega Serie A are understandably worried about this prospect.

Some Serie A clubs have as many as 13 games left of their 2019/20 season and with at least three weeks of training required to get players back into shape, finding a suitable date to resume the season and have it finished as soon as possible to not disrupt the 2020/21 season too much will be very difficult.

There is currently a split amongst the clubs with some adamant that they want the season to be concluded whilst other clubs are of the belief that there will be no more of the 2019/20 season played due to the unprecedented situation.

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