AIC President Tommasi: “Coronavirus Will Determine The Decisions Made”

Damiano Tommasi, the president of the Italian players association (AIC), has insisted that Coronavirus will ultimately determine any decisions taken with regard to the possible resumption of the Serie A season and other seasons in Italy.

Football in Italy, just like pretty much every other country in Europe and the world, has been on hold for a number of weeks due to the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic and it remains to be seen whether the season will be able to resume.

Some clubs have as many as 13 league games left to play and due to the presence of the virus it has made it virtually impossible to make any decisions due to the uncertainty that it has brought.

There has been no shortage of suggestions made about how the season could be concluded but with UEFA setting a deadline of August 3 for competitions to be finished, the pressure is really on the federations to make decisions.

“It is one thing to say that we hope that there is the possibility for the season to resume, we are all hoping for this, but it is another thing to be aware about what is really required for the season to end,” he remarked in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Mattino di Padova.

“It will depend on the health conditions of the country and the measures that will have to be adopted from here until August. The institutions will outline the criteria but the choices will be determined by the virus.”

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