Italian Journalist Mario Sconcerti On Inter Coach Antonio Conte: “Has He Not Considered He Could Be The Problem?”

Italian football journalist Mario Sconcerti has criticised Inter manager Antonio Conte and implied he has been just as much of a problem in Inter’s rocky form as the team has this year, despite his various attempts to deflect the blame from himself.

Sconcerti’s criticism comes the day after Inter threw away their most recent match against Bologna. Inter were leading 1-0 and were comfortably in control but were once again made to pay for missed chances with Bologna scoring a quickfire double near the end of the match to secure themselves three points.

“I don’t like Conte’s exaggerations. He says he studied things and says them as if he were reading the holy scriptures. He says, attack me, leave the team alone.

“Aside from that we would love to choose our enemies on our own, rest assured we will attack him,” Sconcerti explained in an interview with Italian news outlet

“We think he has many responsibilities in the fate of this team. Which has little quality, little play and many orders to be executed. It is difficult to play great football when you have to obey the will of others.

“He says again: if someone is not god enough for Inter it will be necessary to think about it but he was eliminated in the first round of the Champions League, in the second round of the Italian Cup, he lost twice against Juventus in the league where he has Atalanta attached to his ankles, and has not yet begun to think he could be a problem?

“Finally he says: I would like my players to suffer 1% of what I suffer and this is the universal image of Conte’s soul. I am suffering of all of you, I am the infinite diversity.

“By contrast, you can find players at Inter who would like Conte to understand at least 5% of what they understand. Could it get worse?”

Conte took charge of Inter this past Summer and replaced Luciano Spalletti at the helm of the Nerazzurri club. Former Italian national team manager Conte has since managed Inter in 41 competitive fixtures to date. He has won 24 of these games, drawn nine and lost the remaining eight matches.

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